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asked questions

When does the Crosshelmet ship?

The CrossHelmet X1 currently has certification to ship in the following countries: United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Oman, Japan
Due to constraints from COVID-19, orders from these countries will be shipped within 6 weeks.

We are working on certification approval daily to increase the number of countries that we are able to ship to, but those countries not listed above will lead to longer delivery times, as stated on the product page in our webshop.

Will the Crosshelmet function without a smartphone?

Absolutely! You can connect the built in speakers with any wireless device, while running your rear view through the HUD. Certain functions, such as the navigation and sound control will only be possible through our application, however (available for iOS and Android).

Does the Crosshelmet offer a warranty?

We cover repair costs on all production defects and electronic malfunctions for up to 2 years. Additionally, we’re offering a replacement program exclusively for the shell. If there is any damage or periodic replacement is needed, we’re able to do this at a greatly reduced fee.

What is the return policy on the CrossHelmet?

We are able to process refund requests for all orders within 14 days of the order date. If the product has already been shipped, the buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. Returned goods must be in new condition with all tags/stickers attached or the return may not be accepted.

What if I have a passenger in the back seat?

The option to turn off the rear camera is easily accessible.
You’ll still have access to navigation, ride data, and all other functions.

Why not connect the camera feed to the backseat passenger?

We haven’t tested getting video feed from a rear passenger, but not being in direct control of the rear camera could lead to misinformation and possible motion sickness.

Will the CrossHelmet work with Windows phones?

Unfortunately, a Windows mobile app will likely not be available upon shipping.

Do any other webshops sell your product?

The CrossHelmet is only sold on and Indiegogo. Please beware, any other stores claiming to sell our product are scams. These sites are not authorized to use our images or sell our products.


Can I record rearview footage?

If your CrossHelmet X1 includes the recording feature upgrade, please follow these steps for rearview recording:

01. Pair your X1 with your smartphone.
02. In the CrossHelmet application, open the settings and tap “Rearview Recording”.
03. Tap “Start” and “Stop” to manage your recordings.
04. Restart your X1 and connect to your PC via USB-C.
05. Video files will be accessible in your CrossHelmet drive directory.

What is what3words voice navigation?

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address, making it easy to find and share any precise location. For example ///brass.cardboard.beans is a beautiful viewpoint stop on a highway in California.

what3words addresses can be used as a destination for CrossHelmet navigation. Simply long-press the helmet control panel and when prompted, speak the 3 words for your destination (for example brass...cardboard...beans) to set that precise square as your destination.

You can find what3words addresses via the free what3words app or they can be found next to traditional addresses on website or guide listings for many destinations (for example The Knot hotel, Tokyo)


I can't see anything in the HUD.
The angle of the CrossHelmet and the HUD unit may need adjustment. Make sure to position the HUD to sit above your eyeline and rotate the black HUD case until you see the display. The HUD mirror should not sit in your direct view, but slightly above.

The volume is too low.
The CrossHelmet X1 has 2 volume settings: 1 - Set your smartphone to max volume. 2 - Swipe the touch panel on the helmet in an upward direction several times.

The head-up display flickers.
This occurs occassionally if you use CrossHelmet while stationary due to heat buildup. When riding, airflow causes the heat to dissipate and the flickering disappears.

The head-up display has some noise.
The depictions in our promotional videos are clear renderings with no distortion, but due to current technical limitations, the current revision of the CrossHelmet X1 has some noise in the display.

Firmware Updates

For owners, please visit our Firmware page for instructions on how to update your CrossHelmet X1.